Is Your Roof Leaking?

Arrange for roof repair services in Scranton, PA

Your roof shields your home against the elements. If it's damaged, you could face a lot of costly problems, including pest invasions, water damage and wood rot. Luckily, you can get speedy roof repairs from Northeast Roofing Pros. We provide TPO, EPDM and shingle roof repair services for homeowners in and around Scranton, PA. Your contractor will figure out what's causing your roofing issue and fix it as quickly as possible.

Whether your roof is leaking or your shingles are missing, you can trust us to fix it. Call 570-815-7193 now to schedule TPO, EPDM or shingle roof repair services.

5 signs you need roof repairs

Northeast Roofing Pros specializes in roof repair work. You should contact us if:

  1. You see puddles in your attic
  2. Your energy bills spiked recently
  3. You notice mold or mildew stains on your roof
  4. Your roof deck is sagging
  5. You see sunlight through the roof boards in your attic
Don't wait until the problem gets worse. We can tarp your roof to prevent major issues until we can repair it. Email us today to arrange for roof repair services.